Finite Element Analysis

The finite element method (FEM) is a powerful computational technique for the approximate solution of various problems. It was developed by the need of solving technical problems where the geometry of the systems rendered the solution of analytical equations inefficient or even unfeasible. The basic principle of the method relies on the replacement of a geometrically complex domain of the problem to a collection of simple sub-domains that are called finite elements. Static, dynamic, linear or nonlinear problems regarding mechanical stresses, heat transport, fluid mechanics and electromagnetic problems can be resolved using the finite element method. With finite element analysis (FEA) we end up to a system of algebraic equations whose number equals to the number of degrees of freedom of the problem and thus can be solved only using computers. Many complex problems such as the simulation of microelectromechanical systems are solved with the aim of specifically designed software for finite element analysis. Aisthisis utilizes Comsol Multiphysics software for simulating the performance of various microelectromechanical devices such as pressure sensors, biosensors, chemical sensors etc.


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